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Insure that key is off. Remove STB and Corvette covers. (If installed)


Remove the 2 bolts that attach the A.I.R. air inlet fittings to the front of each exhaust manifold.  Place both of these hoses over to top of the engine in order to get them out of the way.


Remove silver high temp tape that covers fuel press and fuel vapor purge hoses.


Disconnect fuel vapor purge hose (the one with green cap) where it attaches to the fuel vapor purge valve. There is a plastic "snap" fitting that will need to be compressed with needle nose pliers in order to pull the line away from the valve.


Disconnect wire harness that attaches to the fuel vapor purge valve.


Pull straight up on the purge valve. It will slide out of its mount bracket. Rotate the purge valve foreword. It will rotate from the fuel vapor line that attaches to the intake manifold right behind the throttle body. This will re-position the whole assy. to the front and out of the way.  Note: Leave the high pressure fuel line alone. This is the other line that was wrapped in silver tape. (Don’t worry, it will not really be in the way)


Pull plug wires out of each ignition coil. Remove all bolts that attach coils.


Disconnect electrical connector on each coil.


Disconnect coil wire harness connector. (It mounts to the center and above each valve cover)


Disconnect electrical connector on each coil. Remove coil wire harness from each side. Remove coils.


Remove small vent hose that attaches to pass side cover.


Remove all valve cover bolts. (They will not completely pull out of the valve covers, which is a neat idea)


Remove large vent hose that attaches to the rear of drivers side cover (pull real hard on the hose, it will pull out of that round black plastic part on the cover that the hose attaches to).


Remove both valve covers.

Remove rocker arm retaining bolt that attaches each rocker arm.


Note: I would only remove and re-install 1 (one) rocker at a time.


Remove rocker assy. 

Pull both pushrods out (keep them separated in there proper order).


Roll rods on a flat piece of glass to check straightness. Replace bent rods as necessary.


Reinstall (Rocker Arm bolts are tightened to 22 Ft LB). Although I did not rotate my engine, the engine should be turned so cam is not attempting to push the valve open when tightening the rocker (off cam lobe).

Note: DO NOT use thread locker compound on any of these bolts.


Helms Instructions:

Rotate the crankshaft until #1 piston is at TDC of compression stroke.

Tighten Exhaust rocker arm bolts 1, 2, 7, & 8

Tighten Intake valve rocker arm bolts 1, 3, 4, & 5


Rotate the crankshaft 360 degrees

Tighten Exhaust rocker arm bolts 3, 4, 5, & 6

Tighten Intake rocker arm bolts 2, 6, 7, & 8



Reinstall all parts in reverse order.

Note: Clean valve covers inside and out before re-installation.

Note: The valve cover gaskets are re-usable.

Note: No valve lifter adjustment is required or can be made to the LS1 engine.

September 08, 2019 — Joseph Losco