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Tick Performance Polluter V1 Classic LS1 LS6 Camshaft

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It's hard to beat a classic!  Since it's introduction to the market in 2008, the Tick Performance Polluter V1 camshaft has been well known and respected as the BIGGEST nitrous-friendly camshaft you can fit into a stock LS1 or LS6 without any piston-to-valve-clearance worries (although it's always smart to measure during installation.)  It's been making great power, great torque and responding incredibly well to large doses of nitrous for years!

Tick Performance Polluter V1 Classic Camshaft for LS1 & LS6 Engines
242/244 | .61x”/.61x” | LSA112

Designed for:  LS1, LS6, LQ4 and LQ9 Engines (325-364ci) with Cathedral Port Heads (as they're equipped with stock)
Basic Operating RPM Range:  
Expected Horsepower Gains:  
50-70RWHP over the stock camshaft in a well-optimized setup
Aftermarket Headers Required:  
Yes, Longtube Style
Stall Converter Required:  
Yes, 4000+RPM
Rear Gear Upgrade Required:  Suggested for maximum performance (4.10+ for manual transmissions, 3.73+ for automatics)
Works Well with Nitrous:  
Yes (shot size less than 250)
Will Pass Most Smog Emissions:  

When we began testing our Polluter V1 cam in 2008, one result was a huge surprise to us: the TORQUE! This cam made 417rwhp & 391rwtq in a regular, every day cam only 2001 Camaro SS with cheap headers and an LS6 intake.  No bells, whistles, dyno tricks or crazy expensive parts: the Tick Performance Polluter Cam makes great numbers and drives surprisingly well with a good tune, too.  Make sure to check out all the pictures on this page for miscellaneous dyno graphs, and make sure you check out all the videos on this page for a sample of the NASTY idle this camshaft provides.

This camshaft is designed to fit stock engine/cylinder head combinations without the need to clearance your pistons, but since it is a TIGHT fit, we require that you verify piston-to-valve clearance during install.  We strongly suggest the use of Tick Performance or Brian Tooley Racing Valvesprings and hardened pushrods with this camshaft (sold separately.) Countless hours were spent developing this camshaft to perform precisely the way we advertise, so as a result, changes to the LSA or any other specification of this camshaft are not available.

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