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Fragola Double Open End -10an Wrench

$29.99 $24.95

Brand Fragola
SKU: 900084-8an

Fragola's Double Open End A-N Wrenches are made of heat-treated aluminum, for the best compatibility with aluminum fittings. These wrenches work great for tightening A-N hose ends in confined spaces and feature two different angles on the openings for ease of use. The wrenches also come pre-drilled for storage on a rack, thus freeing up space in your toolbox.

  • Material: Black
  • Size: -10 A-N


Doing any work on your ride is a lot easier and more pleasant when you have the right tools for the job. These heat-treated aluminum AN hose end wrench sets from Fragola are the perfect mates for working with aluminum AN hose ends to help prevent marring and are must-haves for your toolbox. Choose from AN wrench sets in sizes -6 to -16 anodized in bright colors sporting short handles that help to prevent overtorquing. Or, the black anodized double open-end wrench sets are great in limited spaces and offer two different angles on the openings for ease of use. No matter what your choice, with Fragola Performance Systems AN hose end wrench sets, you're sure to have the size that you need for your job.

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