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Comp Cams XR275HR XFI RPM Hi-Lift Street/Strip Camshaft

$419.99 $389.00

Brand Comp Cams
SKU: 54-426-11

Great street/strip camshaft for mid-range and high RPM power. Must have programmer.
800-5,800 RPM Operating Range
222/224 Duration at .050". 112 Degree Lobe Separation Angle
0.566"/0.568" Valve Lift
Low End Grunt and High RPM Potential - Designed with Xtreme Energy technology to provide excellent power with the LS engine's enhanced cylinder head design.
Stability is Standard - Takes advantage of the LS engine's larger journal diameter, base circle and 1.7+ rocker arm ratio.
Fits GM LS GEN III/IV. 3-Bolt Configuration.
Made in USA


Part Number: Grind Number:
Lifter Type:
Specifications     Intake Exhaust
RPM Range: Valve Lash:
Valve Timing: Duration:
Lobe Separation:   Duration @ .050" Lift:
Intake Centerline: Valve Lift:
    Lobe Lift:
Valve Timing @ 0.006  Lift:      
Closes 25
Opens 73
28 Opens
68 Closes

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