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Chevrolet Performance High Volume Oil Pump (For AFM/DOD Engines)

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This genuine GM oil pump is known as a "high volume" design used on the 2007 and later LS4 5.3L W-Body applications, the LH6, LC9 5.3L Trailblazer, SSR, Truck & SUV 6.0L and 6.2L engines with Active Fuel Management (AFM) . GM engineering determined that the increased oil volume was required to meet the demands of the AFM system.

This pump uses a thicker gerotor with a slightly larger OD than the 12586665 standard volume pump. Dimensional this pump is identical to the 12571885 high volume oil pump but is uses a different by-pass spring!

Tech Information:

  • High Volume LS Oil Pump
  • By-pass Spring Opens at 42-psi
  • Original Equipment on Most 2007 and newer V8 LS Engines with AFM 

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