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Brian Tooley Racing GM LS Truck Stage 4 V2 Camshaft

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SKU: BTR32430090
1999-13 GM LS Truck Applications
CAM SPECS: 224/230 .553”/.553” 109
The Stage 4 grind has made a name for itself not only in the truck world, but in the street car market as well. This camshaft is suited for the consumer that wants maximum peak power and isn't looking to use their truck as a work horse in the towing department. The grind moves the powerband north, so bottom end torque will not be ideal for the everyday tow vehicle. The ideal note of this camshaft is distinct. It has the lope that many are looking for when sitting at a stoplight. An aftermarket torque converter must be used when installing this camshaft.
  • Revised Camshaft Center lines For Increased Average Torque
  • Engine Dyno Verified To Produce More Power
  • USA Based OEM Tier 1 Supplier - These Camshafts Are Made To LAST.
  • Each "Stage" Is Born From It's Own Specific Cam Core. NO GENERIC CORES USED.
  • With Specific Core Cams, Maximum Heat Treatment Penetration Is Achieved.
All of this is done in the Land Of The Free! Made In The USA!
From the team that brought the industry's NUMBER 1 SELLING GM TRUCK CAMSHAFTS to market.
Brian Tooley Racing is proud to introduce the next chapter in the performance GM Truck saga. Our all new V2 series was born from the demands of an ever changing market. From toy haulers to trucks turned street rods, our V2 truck cam lineup has an answer for your needs.  We have partnered with an OEM Tier 1 supplier to grind the new V2 series.
The end result is a revised camshaft that provides more average torque, higher peak power, and a maximum depth heat treatment. The maximum heat treat depth is achieved by having cam cores made within a few thousandths of final grind size. As opposed to grinding all the camshafts from the same starting core, they each have their own respective core to begin.
The dyno test below was conducted with a stock 5.3 with a truck intake, valve spring upgrade, and longtube headers. Stock cam VS our cam.

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