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BTR LS7 Trinity EFI LS Raised Rectangle Port Intake Manifold Black

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LS7 Low Profile High Performing Cast Intake!

For Use With Fuel Rail Kit (option): FRK-01

Brian Tooley Racing Trinity Series Intake Manifold for LS7 engines

Trinity Series Intake Manifold for LS7 engines The latest offering from BTR in high quality cast aluminum intake manifolds! The Trinity is short runner, 3-piece design that allows for the ultimate in application flexibility. It is similar in concept to billet Intakes costing thousands more. Optimum operating range is 6000-8500 rpm and is primarily intended to bridge the gap between N/A and Boosted applications. It utilizes the high LT1 throttle body position and will accept DBW or cabled throttle bodies*, but yet it will fit in the tight confines of the C7, C6, C5 Corvette as well as the popular F-body platforms. The design incorporates 2 runners and an interchangeable plenum. The seal is generated by 8 entrapped o-rings at the runner/plenum interface, and is clamped by 20 -M6 Stainless steel socket head cap screws. The port seals are achieved SAE o-rings seated in a dovetailed o-ring groove. Both the port mouth radius and the port match is CNC machined. The Trinity incorporates 2-1/4 -27 NPT ports on the side of the throttle body boss and a 3/8-18” NPT on the rear. The manifold is available in Black Satin Texture powder coat. The manifold comes semi-assembled and includes all the hardware required to bolt it on. Runners and plenums can be purchased separately.

NOTE: This intake requires the use of a new style map sensor, part number 12592525.

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