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Rated R Motorsports Low Lift Stage 4 Rated X LS Truck Camshaft

$419.99 $389.00

SKU: RATED-R-TK-X-32430090


Specs: 222/228 .553/.553 109 LSA   

Rated R Motorsports is proud to introduce our low lift truck camshafts. Our all new low lift cams were born from the demands and feedback from our customers. From tow rigs to trucks built for the street, our truck cam lineup has an answer for all your needs.  The best part of our camshafts is that it provides more average torque, higher peak power ar a very reasonable price 

Made In The USA!

The Stage 4 grind is a popular choice for those looking to delete DOD/AFM. This cam has made a name for itself not only in the truck world, but in the street car market as well. This camshaft is suited for the consumer that want's maximum peak power, and isn't looking to use their truck as a work horse in the towing department. The grind moves the powerband upstream, so bottom end torque will not be ideal for the every day tow vehicle. The idle note of this camshaft is distinct. It has the 'lope' that many are looking for when sitting at a stoplight. We recommend the use of an aftermarket torque converter when installing this camshaft.


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