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Rated R Motorsports Gen 4 2007-2013 LS Truck Cam Kit & BTR DOD VVT Delete Package

$819.99 $749.95


You Can Now Purchase ANY Rated R Motorsports Truck Camshaft in a COMPLETE Package & Elminate The Annoying DOD AFM VVT!

Rated R Motorsports proudly introduces their Truck Series of Camshafts designed specifically for 2007-2013 GM LS Truck Engines! Similar to our Elite Series camshafts. The beauty of our Truck Series of Camshafts is that they are low lift so it doesnt break the bank. These cams like any performance cam are designed to maximize power, reliability and valvetrain longevity. 

Rated R Motorsports Truck Camshaft Package & BTR AFM/DOD & VVT Delete Kit For 2007-2013 GM LS Truck Engines includes the following:


  • ANY Rated R Motorsports Truck Camshaft for 2007-2013 GM LS Trucks
    • Stage 1 Rated PG- 204/212 .55x/.55x 116 LSA 

    • Stage 2 Rated PG13- 210/216 .55x/.55x 116 LSA  
    • Stage 3 Rate R- 216/222 .55x/.55x 110 LSA  
    • Stage 4 Rated X- 222/228 .55x/.55x 109 LSA  
  • BTR .560" Valve Springs
  • Replacement Valve Stem Seal Kit 


  • Chevrolet Performance 6.2L Valley Cover Part #12598832
  • Set of 4 GM Lifter Tray Guides Part #12595365
  • Pair of Chevrolet Performance MLS Headgaskets Part #12498544 (4.8L or 5.3L) OR Pair of Chevrolet Performance MLS Headgaskets Part #12610046 (6.0L or 6.2L)
  • Full Set (16) of Delphi LS7 Lifters Part #X12499225-16
  • BTR 04+ LSx Head Bolt Kit
  • Pair of BTR LSx MLS Header Gaskets - Equal to GM Part #12617944


  • Chevrolet Performance Timing Chain Cover GM Part #12633906
  • Chevrolet Performance Timing Chain Dampener GM Part #12588670
  • Chevrolet Performance 58X 4 Pole 3 Bolt Timing Gear GM Part #12586481
  • BTR LS Cam Bolts
  • BTR30223 Water Pump Gaskets
  • Chevrolet Performance Crank Bolt GM Part # 12557840
  • OPTIONAL BP Automotive VVT Cam Connector to Non VVT Cam Connector Adapter Harness

...and although this package includes everything you NEED to upgrade during a Camshaft Upgrade, there are a few things that we HIGHLY suggest upgrading at the same time. Since they're not required, we make them options for you to choose during checkout:

Option Guide: Timing Chain Upgrade (SHOP NOW)
While upgrading your camshaft, it's easy (and smart) to upgrade your timing chain.  The GM 12646386 is a nice budget upgrade over stock, while the Katech HME-​G68V-​2 C5-R chain is a premium option.

Option Guide: Oil Pump Upgrade (SHOP NOW)
Just like your timing chain, it's easy (and smart) to upgrade your oil pump during a camshaft upgrade.  The GM 1258​6665 "LS6" Pump is a nice upgrade over the stock LS1 unit, while the Tick Performance 3258​6665 Blueprinted & Ported "LS6" Pump is better for vehicles that will be abused often.

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