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BTR Twin Turbo Stage 1 LS Truck Camshaft

$429.99 $389.00

SKU: 32231124-TRUCK

BTR Twin Turbo Stage 1 Cam

Specs: 222/231 .602"/.598" 112+4

Originally developed as a custom cam for a 5.3/Hi-ram/Twin S366 combination, the Stage 1 Twin Turbo cam has proven to be a versatile camshaft that performs well in a wide range of applications. Good for 5.3s and 6.0s with cathedral port heads and big intakes, it also gives great results in LS3 headed applications as well. At the end of the day, if you're hanging a pair of turbos on your LS-based build and plan on putting some miles on it, the TT Stage 1 is hard to beat.

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