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BTR Supercharged Wild Cat LS7 Camshaft

$449.00 $409.00

SKU: 32742184


So, you've got yourself an LS7. You bolted a belt-motivated air compressor to it. Now, you have to make sure the valves are valving when they're supposed to. We don't take this lightly, as you're obviously a man or woman to be reckoned with. That's where the BTR Wildcat cam comes into play. This camshaft is the most versatile LS7 blower cam available. It offers the centri-blower crowd valve events that allow that supercharer to exhale unopposed. It has been 9.0s in a full weight SBE C6 Z06 with an ECS Novi1500 kit, and offers the reliability and durability consumers expect from BTR grinds! Drive it, race it, do what you want, this cam will bring home the bacon.

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