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BTR Naturally Aspirated Stage 4 LS7 Camshaft

$419.99 $389.00

SKU: 34758123


Specs: 247/258 112+3

This camshaft is very aggressive and should only be used on maximum effort combinations. This cam has moved the power needle over 600whp in countless setups. However, supporting modifications and attention to detail with the combination is a MUST. No aftermarket camshaft alone will not net you 600+hp in an LS7. Paired with the right parts, you can achieve these numbers. It has a very aggressive idle, and makes great top end power at the sacrifice of some low end torque. Our .660" Lift Platinum spring kit with titanium retainers work great with this camshaft. 

Due to the longer pivot length and longer scroll of the LS7 rocker arms up to .660" lift can be used without valve tip damage. We recommend maximum open spring pressure of 430 lbs.

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