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BTR Gen 4 DOD/AFM Delete Kit

$349.99 $314.99


Displacement On Demand Deletion Kit includes:

(1) 12599296 LS3/LS7 Valley Cover

(4) Bulk GM Lifter Tray Guides 12595365

(2) BTR17944 Header Gaskets

(1) 12594779 LS6 Valley Cover PCV Hose

(1) BTR PCV Plug

And Your Choice of:

Either A set of 5.3 HO/5.7 Head Gaskets or LS3 Head Gaskets

A Half Set or a Full Set of the Delphi LS7 Lifters or GM LS7 Lifters

BTR, GM, or ARP Head Bolts or Head Studs

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