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Brian Tooley Racing GM LS2 Naturally Aspirated Stage 5 Camshaft

$429.95 $389.00

SKU: 33551123R0-LS2
1999-13 GM LS Applications
CAM SPECS: 235/251 .640"/.625" 112+3


The newest offering in our naturally aspirated lineup, the Stage 5 is designed for the high RPM 6.0/6.2 guys that also like to open the nitrous bottle on occasion. The Stage 5 sacrifices some low rpm torque while on a mission to make max peak power. It is not uncommon to see 460+whp with proper supporting mods including a quality set of cylinder heads. In automatic cars, a higher RPM torque converter is a requirement. Consult your tuner regarding stall speed needs! Lobes designed in house by BTR!

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